Don’t you love all of that dust, settling upon the top and sides of your piano keyboard? How about friends putting an open container on your keyboard? They accidentally tip this container over and spill the entire liquid contents over the piano keyboard. Frustrating, isn’t it?

A piano keyboard dust cover will come in handy for several reasons:

  • Protection for your investment.
  • Protection from dirt & dust.
  • Protection from potential accidents.
  • Helps extend the lifetime of your instrument.

Piano keyboards are not cheap. They can range from hundreds of dollars, all of the way to thousands of dollars! If you are someone who values their property or believes in protecting their investments, you are willing to do anything to achieve this.

People live under different weather conditions. Whether it be in the rainy Northwest to the frigid winters of the Northeast. This may have an impact on your keyboard. If you go on holiday or spend some time away from home, you might come back to a piano keyboard full of dust!

In this article, we give you 4 important reasons why the ownership of a keyboard dust cover is essential.

Protection For Your Investment

If you have ever invested, many investors will look for solutions to protect their investment.

Many keyboards on the market can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, which gives you a considerable number of options.

Here are some of the prices (investments) you could have made so far:

Investment Piano Keyboard
$150 RockJam 61-Key Piano Keyboard (view on Amazon)
$150 Casio CTK2550 61-Key Piano Keyboard (view on Amazon)
$250 Alesis Recital 88-Key Digital Piano Keyboard (view on Amazon)
$500 Yamaha P71 88-Key Digital Piano (view on Amazon)
$900 Yamaha DGX-660 88-Key Grand Piano (view on Amazon)
$1,300 Kurzweil 88-Key Stage Piano Keyboard (view on Amazon)
$2,500 Hammond SK1-88 88-Key Piano Keyboard (view on Amazon)
$2,600 Roland RD-2000 88-Key Digital Piano (view on Amazon)

Anyone who has invested in a decent piano keyboard should probably consider a protective case, based on these numbers.

Protection From Dirt & Dust

Dust is an unpleasant sight to behold. We hate it when it accumulates on our furniture and all of the other objects in the house.

What if you own a cat or dog? Are you annoyed by all of your pet’s hair on the piano keyboard?

You may quickly scurry into the laundry room or the closet, grab the Swiffer duster, and wipe away all of that nasty hair and dust.

At some point it gets annoying, as you probably have to wipe all of the dust off the keyboard – at least twice a week.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to dust your keyboard, every single time you sit on the bench?

A dust cover would be the perfect solution to this problem!

Protection From Potential Accidents

Here are a couple of scenarios that a dust cover may come in handy:

Scenario #1:

You have a party at your home and invite all your friends to the living room, the same place where you keep your piano keyboard.

Suddenly the group laughs deeply and one of you touches the keyboard, taps over an open container that was placed by one of you earlier, and spills the contents all over the entire keyboard!

Scenario #2:

Some of you who are reading this article are parents and have children of your own. Maybe you bought a piano keyboard, brought it home, and the kids are using it for piano practice.

What if one of your kids decided to pick up a few crayons or markers and drew on the top of the keyboard?

I don’t think you would be pleased with the final result!

Helps Extend The Lifetime Of Your Instrument

The purpose of buying an item is to utilize it for the longest time possible.

This of course depends a lot on what kind of brand you want to buy.

To give an example, Yamaha piano keyboards are some of the top products on the market.

Wouldn’t you like to protect this item with everything you got?

The worst-case scenario:

You purchase a piano keyboard, only to return it back due to a lack of care.

A protective cover will help to ensure that these worst-case scenarios are not repeated.

This will help to extend the life of your piano keyboard and enjoy playing it for the longest possible time.


Less dust & water = longer life for the piano keyboard!

Where can I purchase a dust cover?

From 61-keys to 88-keys, Amazon offers a wide range of dust-proof covers for all types of piano keyboards.

So you’re convinced that a dust cover is probably a good idea. You may be asking, where can I get one of those? There are several places / websites you can purchase a piano keyboard dust cover from. Amazon would be the most obvious option.

What if I have an 88-key piano keyboard?

No worries, piano dust covers come in all different sizes, including the 88-key piano keyboard covers.

Most are made of stretchable nylon which will help cover the entire keyboard.

Here is our suggested piano keyboard cover:

Clicks Depot – Piano Keyboard Dust Cover for 61-76 Keys

Clicks Depot – Piano Keyboard Dust Cover for 76-88 Keys

You may also find piano keyboard covers at your local Walmart. Visit the nearest Walmart and ask if they carry piano dust covers.

The last option would be your local music store. Google for the closest music store and pay them a visit.

How much do dust covers cost?

Piano keyboard dust covers can range from as little as $10 to just over $20 on Amazon.

Of course, you may find custom designed dust covers on Etsy if you’re willing to spend a little more money.

In fact, Amazon too exhibits a handful of colorfully designed dust covers. If you’re a sewer and have the knowledge to sow one yourself, all power to you. For the average piano user, a standard dust cover from Amazon or the local music store should suffice.

Here’s a list of affordable keyboard covers on Amazon, ranging from cheap to expensive:

Price Dust Cover  
$11.99 Kaifire – Piano Keyboard Cover, Stretchable Velvet Dust View on Amazon
$15 Yamaha – Dust Cover for an 88-Key Keyboard View on Amazon
$17.95 QMG – Stretchable Dust Cover for 88 Key Piano Keyboard View on Amazon
$17.97 Clicks Depot – Piano Keyboard Dust Cover for 61-76 Keys View on Amazon
$18.99 QEES – Digital Piano Keyboard Cover for 61/88 Key View on Amazon
$19.99 QEES – 88 Keys Digital Piano Keyboard Cover View on Amazon
$21.97 Clicks Depot – Piano Keyboard Dust Cover for 88 Keys View on Amazon

I already own a piano keyboard. Which dust cover should I buy?

Make sure you know which model your piano keyboard is and how many keys your keyboard may have in order to purchase the perfect fit.

Remember, many dust covers are very stretchy because they’re constructed with a nylon-spandex mix material.

A dust cover for a 61-key keyboard may stretch just enough to fit a larger keyboard. As you can tell, they practically look the same, but many keyboard dust covers come in different sizes.

Even though dust covers are stretchy, we want to make sure that your dust cover properly fits over your piano keyboard.

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